Alpha BRAIN: A Nootropic Supplement for Cognitive Enhancement?

Alpha BRAIN is a nootropic supplement manufactured by Onnit Labs. It is marketed as a cognitive enhancer that can improve memory, focus, mental clarity, and processing speed. Alpha BRAIN contains a blend of natural ingredients, including alpha-GPC, L-theanine, and phosphatidylserine.

Alpha BRAIN has been the subject of several scientific studies, with mixed results. One study found that Alpha BRAIN improved recent verbal memory and executive function in healthy adults. However, other studies have found no significant effects on cognitive performance.

How Alpha BRAIN Works

Alpha BRAIN is thought to work by increasing alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are associated with a state of calm focus and concentration. Alpha BRAIN contains ingredients that have been shown to increase alpha brain wave activity, such as alpha-GPC and L-theanine.

Benefits of Alpha BRAIN

The potential benefits of Alpha BRAIN include:

  • Improved memory
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Enhanced processing speed
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved mood and motivation

Side Effects of Alpha BRAIN

Alpha BRAIN is generally safe for most people, but it can cause some side effects, such as nausea, headache, and dizziness. Alpha BRAIN should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by people with certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or anxiety disorders.

Is Alpha BRAIN Right for You?

If you are considering taking Alpha BRAIN, it is important to talk to your doctor first. Alpha BRAIN may not be right for everyone, and it is important to be aware of the potential side effects.


Alpha BRAIN is a nootropic supplement that has been shown to improve cognitive performance in some people. However, more research is needed to confirm its long-term safety and efficacy. If you are considering taking Alpha BRAIN, it is important to talk to your doctor first.

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